Top Sex Tips Ever

There are many sources of advice today to make our sex lives more exciting. Friends, magazines, movies and the Internet are just a few. The physical intimacy that sex provides cannot be trivialised. Below are some tips from experts providing guidance for a healthier sex life.


Lucy Snider
Psychosexual, Relationship & Sexual Health Therapist

My number one tip for great sex is try to be present during it! This may seem obvious, but it’s very easy to slip into focusing on the “ending”, most usually orgasm. Then sex can easily become all about the pursuit of a goal, while actually enjoying the experience goes out the window. If you become aware of this happening for you, I invite you to bring your focus into the present as much as you can.

Using your five senses can help: what can you see, hear, feel, taste, or smell in that moment? Really focus on what it feels like to touch and be touched. If your mind wanders back to thinking about “trying” or worrying then that’s ok, try not to be critical of yourself, instead just gently bring it back to the present. Remember that pleasure is ruined to the degree to which it is made a goal in itself, focus on the experience!


Sexpert Consultants

Our number one sex tip is to masturbate regularly! Masturbation helps you understand your own personal relationship with pleasure and how your body works. Pleasure (much like our bodies) is not static, it is ever-changing and exploring your pleasure often is key to having a great sex life.

Knowing your pleasure leads to increased confidence and higher instances of orgasm. When you know how you like to receive pleasure, it’s a lot easier to get there and to communicate your needs both inside and outside of the bedroom. Confidence is sexy and knowledge is key!


if we can’t enjoy ourselves during sex, it’s meaningless to have sex.


 When we have sex especially casual sex, remember that keep ourselves safe, health is the priority thing we need to consider, then enjoy yourself to the fullest, if we can’t enjoy ourselves during sex, it’s meaningless to have sex. If we talk about sex, we will not ignore sex in polyamorous relationships, since it is definitely popular now.

Many sls couples on Swindr (one popular swingers’ lifestyle dating app) seek partners to join their couple’s life, mostly are for sex, they hope their potential partner is ethical, consented, STDs free, and well educated. Thus, sex is not just for sex, it’s for better experiences during sex, that’s the point.



Jojo’s Secret – Lingerie Boutique

 My number one sex tip is… Don’t be shy to try something new! Spice is the key to life. Sex toys have been around for around 30,000 years and will be around for many more years to come. If you haven’t tried one before, start with something small and work your way to more adventurous toys.

If you have tried toys before, perhaps look to try something different. It may seem scary approaching your partner about trying a toy, but trust me most men will love the spontaneity. With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s the perfect time to coordinate a new piece of luxurious lingerie into the bedroom. And remember – you don’t know that you won’t like something until you try it.


Jon Pressick

My number one sex tip is to get enough sleep. I know that doesn’t really sound sexy at all, in fact, it is kinda the opposite! But how do you feel when you’re run down, tired and just want to flop into bed at night (instead of other, more fun activities!)? To me, it feels awful. As someone who does endure some sleep issues, I actually get quite frustrated by not being up for sex every time my mind thinks of it.

Lying bed with my beautiful partner, knowing that I want more is a major bummer. It has taken me a long time to come to grips with the idea that taking a few nights of going to sleep at a decent time really recharges my sexual batteries. Because let me tell you, after that little break to catch up on rest, the sex again because electric, exciting and energizing.


you just have to want it and work for it.

In fact, anyone can be better at sex. We all have our own strategies on how we can make sex memorable each time. It’s not just how you feel but how you make your partner feel as well. If you are already in a long-term relationship, most likely, communication is one of your strongest points so use that to have better sex!

Age, work, or even if you have kids at home won’t be a problem if you want to have a steamy sex life – you just have to want it and work for it.


Emily Morse

If you’re not getting enough foreplay, you’re part of the problem. That’s right, [your partner] isn’t a mind reader. The good news, foreplay isn’t restricted to the bedroom. This will encourage him or her to follow your lead and keep sex top of mind for both of you. You’ll be even more excited to see each other and primed for action.


Tristan Weedmark

Self-confidence is super sexy. Own your body, own your sexuality, and own the situation. Even if it’s a step outside your comfort zone at first, one of the best ways to feel confident is to be confident. Stripped down and with the lights on you get to watch each other enjoy [yourselves] and appreciate pleasure.


In summary it doesn’t hurt to add some spontaneity. There’s nothing less exciting than planning for sex. In a long term relationship, it can become less consuming to look good but it’s necessary to make some effort. Keep things sizzling with flirty talk, touches and gestures. Get some chill out music, intimate lighting and perfumed candles for your bedroom. A dash of romance will go a long way. Stay creative, sexy and fun. And remember, quickies are the instant version of the real thing.

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