Tips To Increasing Her Sex Drive

Tips To Increasing Her Sex Drive

It is a fact of life that in most relationships, the man will have a higher sex drive than the woman. This is simply human nature and due to the levels of specific hormones such as testosterone. If you are in a relationship where the male always has a higher libido than the female, you can do some things to help even out the situation. Here are some tips to increase her sex drive without resorting to harmful drugs.


As odd as it seems if you get your woman to exercise more often her sex drive will increase. When anyone does aerobic workouts they will see an increase in the blood flow to their sex organs, making them more aroused. In addition, it will increase production of testosterone which increases sex drive in both sexes. Exercise can also increase your endorphins, making you feel good and therefore more willing to have sex. A great idea to increase your partner’s sex drive and maintain yours at the same time is to exercise together.

Use Candles

When most people think of a romantic gesture that leads to a sexual encounter, they picture a candlelit room and that is because candles can do a great deal in terms of increasing a woman’s sex drive. The atmosphere they create in addition to their lovely scent usually helps women relax. When a woman is relaxed, she will be more receptive towards sex so you are more likely to notice the benefits. When looking for scented candles go with green apple but don’t ever get cherry.


Every relationship has at least one or two hot nights that both partners can remember. If you really want to increase your woman’s sex drive, try recreating one of those nights for her. Take her to the same restaurant you went to before and recreate whatever element of the date aroused her before. If it was your clothing, try wearing the same or a similar outfit. If it was the scent, go out and buy the same cologne. Chances are that when she realizes what you are doing, the related scents will trigger the same emotions, increasing her libido.

Touch Her

Some women have a decreased sex drive because their partner always seems to focus on the same areas of their bodies. While it is true that certain areas of the body tend to be more sexually stimulating than others (such as the breasts, inner thighs and genitals) any are of the body can be pleasurable and arousing. Try either lightly caressing your girlfriend or wife; if she prefers massages, try one of those. Being in contact with her body should increase her sex drive and is a good way to encourage intercourse.

Decrease Stress

Not every method of increasing your woman’s sex drive has to be sexual and stress is a key example. A lot of women will experience a decrease in sexual desire when they are incredibly stressed and this is a very real possibility if you have a lot of obligations in your life. To increase her libido, try doing your best to reduce her stress by helping her with some of her responsibilities. See also our article on his erogenous zones.

Drink Red Wine

Some studies have shown that in addition to benefiting your heart, drinking red wine can increase your sex drive as well. This is because the color red is linked to sexuality and the wine itself increases circulation, making it easier for blood to flow to the genitals, increasing arousal. Keep in mind that you should never drink too much; simply drink a glass of red wine a few times a week and you should notice a difference in her libido.

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