Tips On His Erogenous Zones And How To Use Them

Tips On His Erogenous Zones And How To Use Them

Erogenous zones are a crucial part of any sexual interaction whether or not you plan on having intercourse. All women know that the man’s genital area, specifically his penis and testicles are incredibly sensitive but not everyone realizes some of the other erogenous zones. Some of these areas are sexual triggers for either gender but some are unique to men.


The most obvious male erogenous zone is of course the genital area. Even just a light caress in this area can arouse your partner greatly. Men love to have this area touched, caressed, licked or sucked. Some men will also enjoy a very gentle pinch or nibble but remember that the softer the better and you should always ask first and pay close attention to his reactions if you plan on doing this.


Another incredibly erogenous zone is a man’s feet. In fact there are certain pressure points found within the heels that ancient reflexology believed triggered sexual arousal. A great way to stimulate this area is to give your partner a nice foot massage but that isn’t the only option. If his feet are clean, try brushing your partner’s feet against your breasts or mouth or even gently sucking on a toe.

Lower Abs

The lower abs are not only sensitive themselves, but they are incredibly close to the main erogenous zone, the genitals. This means that you can start gently caressing your partner’s lower abs and slowly work your way down to his genital area. You can also try doing the same thing with your tongue instead of your hands.

Inner Thighs

Just like the abs, a man’s inner thighs are incredibly sensitive on their own and even more so because of their location. If you want to get your male partner in the mood quickly try gently rubbing your fingers up and down on the inner thigh. You can also try running your fingers slowly up to his genitals or for a tease, go around them and straight to the abs.


Men are like women in that their ears can be one of the most intense erogenous zones on their bodies. Many people forget about the ears but simply rubbing it gently with your finger may be enough to arouse your boyfriend or husband. A great place to gently touch is the area where the ear lobe and the face connect as this is incredibly sensitive and sensual. For more information on positions to increase his pleasure, click here.

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