Tips On Her Erogenous Zones And How To Use Them

Tips On Her Erogenous Zones And How To Use Them

If you are in a relationship with someone sexual interactions should not be limited to just sex itself. Instead, you should have other romantic and sensual moments whether casual or as part of foreplay leading up to sex. While everyone is aware of certain erogenous zones on the female body, most people (women included) aren’t aware of all of them. Here are some of the most important ones.

The Vagina

One of the female erogenous zones that everyone knows is of course the vagina as this is the one of the most important areas of the female body. The two important areas of the vagina to pay close attention to are the clitoris and the G-spot. The G-spot can be harder to get to but is the most pleasurable spot for many women. While the G-spot can only be reached with a finger, the clitoris and other areas of the vagina can be stimulated with a finger or the mouth.

The Breasts

The other female erogenous zone everyone knows is the breasts, especially the nipples. These are extremely sensitive and women love it when they are licked, fondled, caressed, sucked or squeezed. Some women also enjoy having their nipples squeezed a bit harder, but if you plan on using a bit more force, either ask first or go slowly and pay close attention to her reactions.

The Wrists

Although it is far from obvious, a woman’s wrists can actually be incredibly sensual depending on how you caress them. You can try gently caressing them or even nuzzling or nibbling on them and chances are that your partner will love it. This is a great addition to foreplay.

The Lips

If you have ever wondered why some women seem to melt at a kiss, it is because their lips are one of the most erogenous zones on their bodies. While kissing your partner, try sucking, licking or biting in addition to the normal kiss. You can also try adding in some tongue or teeth for additional stimulation.

The Neck

Another incredibly sensual area of the female body is the neck. If you want to take advantage of this erogenous zone, you can try something as simple as standing directly behind her and gently breathing on her neck. Such a simple action will probably give her chills and arouse her a great deal. You can also try gentle kissing or nibbling on her neck to help get her in the mood.

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