Tips For Using Fantasy In The Bedroom

Tips For Using Fantasy In The Bedroom

Even if you are in a committed relationship, sometimes you will want a bit more out of your sex life and this is when fantasy comes into play. Some people are ashamed of wanting to act out a fantasy but everyone has them. Here are some tips to help you use your fantasies in your bedroom for both your pleasure and that of your partner.

Don’t Feel Guilty

As mentioned, a lot of people tend to feel guilty for fantasizing (or their partners make them feel guilty). Before you can act out any fantasies, it is important that both you and your partner realize that you love each other and don’t want to be with anyone else. It is simply that it is almost impossible for one person to meet all of your needs on a regular basis and that is where fantasy comes in.

Talk About Them

One of the best ways to use your fantasies in the bedroom is to simply talk about them with your partner. Lie down in bed with each other and share some of your fantasies with each other. Chances are that you will find it very arousing and it may lead to sex. This is also the only way that you will ever find out if your partner is willing to act out one of your fantasies.

Find Erotica

If you don’t feel comfortable telling your partner what your fantasy is, then show them an excerpt from your favorite literary erotica. If you feel up to it, try reading it out loud but otherwise just ask your partner to take a look at your fantasy and tell you what they think.

Start Simple

If you and your partner decide to try out one of your fantasies, start with a simple one. Instead of going with an exotic fantasy involving a desert island that would be hard to create, try one of the simple ones like a delivery man bringing a package and getting an extra tip.


If you want your partner to respect your fantasies, then you have to do the same for them. When you are sharing your fantasies, take the time to listen to what they have to say. See if any elements of the fantasy appeal to you and if they do, let your partner know. At the same time, if your partner doesn’t want to try your fantasy, listen to their desires and don’t pressure them.

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