The Importance Of Telling What You Really Like In Terms Of Sexual Experience

When it comes to sex, everyone has different preferences and that means that what one person likes may do nothing for someone else. Despite this, some people feel shy about telling their partner about their preferences and what they like and don’t like. Some people feel as if this can seem too demanding or pushy, but in reality that is not the case. While you don’t want to keep repeating yourself, most people find it incredibly helpful when their partner tells them what they like and here are just some of the reasons it is so important to do so.

You Enjoy Yourself More

The most important reason to tell your partner what you really like in terms of sexual experience is that this will allow you to enjoy sexual intercourse a lot more. If your partner doesn’t know, they will have to try other things and this may involve stimulating areas that don’t arouse you. It can also take a lot longer for you to get aroused than it would if your partner knew exactly what you like. If your partner knows what to do, you will find pleasure almost instantly.

It Is Easier For Your Partner

In addition to making it better for you when your partner knows what you like, it makes it easier for them as well. They won’t have to keep trying different things and paying attention to your reaction. When you tell them what you like, they can skip the guesswork and start to get you aroused right away. This means they won’t have to think as hard and will be able to get to their pleasure more quickly as well.

Partner Will Feel Good About Themselves

In addition to making it easier for your partner, telling them what you like will make them feel better about themselves. A lot of people pride themselves on being able to bring their partner to orgasm and this is much more difficult to do if you don’t know what your partner likes. If your partner is able to take their new knowledge and help you achieve orgasm quickly, chances are that this will make them feel very confident and happy with their abilities.


Talking to your partner about your likes and dislikes is also a matter of trust. By entrusting them with the knowledge of what arouses you, you are giving them a tool that could be used for good or evil (if they shared it with someone else) and this shows a large amount of trust. Your partner will realize this and probably return the favor. This mutual trust is crucial to any healthy relationship as you don’t want to be intimately involved with someone that you do not have faith in.

No Surprises For Your Partner

The last reason that you should always consider telling your partner what you like and don’t like is so that they won’t have any surprise. This is important whether your sexual preferences fit those of the average person or if they are kinky or special in some way. Some people simply don’t get turned on by the same things as other people and your partner may be surprised if something they normally do doesn’t arouse you. Telling them about what you like and don’t like is also a great way to ensure that you and your partner are sexually compatible ahead of time.