The Gentleman’s Guide to Erectile Dysfunction: What Is It, What Causes It, and How to Cure It

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (also known as impotence) is the inability of a male individual to maintain a consistent erection during sexual intercourse. The inability to stay hard during sex from time to time is not uncommon, but it can become a cause for concern if the male is always unable to perform whenever he needs to. So if you are worried that you actually have Erectile Dysfunction, then this article is here to help you identify, prevent, and cure it.

So What Are The Symptoms For ED?

Before actually Treating ED, one must learn to identify if they actually have it. As stated before, sometimes the occasional failure to perform is normal among most healthy males. But if you feel the need to check then here are some of the common symptoms to watch out for:

  • Inability to get an erection – Being sexually stimulated, whether through direct physical contact or visual stimulation, it is expected that your penis would get erect and hard. But, if you are having a hard time getting an erection whenever it is expected that you should have one, chances are you have Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Difficulty in maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse – Let us say you actually get an erection during the first few minutes of foreplay, then that is good right? But if maintaining that rock hard penile stature is proving to be a monumental task, then you should be wary of having ED.

  • Reduced interest in sex overall – If your motivation to actually have sexual intercourse is very low in the first place, then ED might actually be a problem. This may present major problems in your relationship with your significant other.

  • Premature Ejaculation – Ejaculating earlier than expected is a nightmare. It is also a sign that you have ED.

  • Delayed Ejaculation – Ejaculating way too long can not only be disappointing and tiring for you and your partner, it can also be a sign of ED.

  • Anorgasmia – Lastly, the inability to ejaculate altogether can be a symptom for ED.

Talk to your doctor if any of these symptoms become apparent. Especially if it has been occurring for 2 months or more. Your doctor should be able to detect whether or not these symptoms have an underlying cause that needs to be treated immediately.

If maintaining that rock hard penile stature is proving to be a monumental task, then you should be wary of having ED.

What Actually Causes ED In The First Place?

There are many causes for Erectile Dysfunction. Some of them are physical and some of them are psychological. Here is a partial list of these common causes.

  • cardiovascular disease

  • diabetes

  • hypertension

  • hyperlipidemia

  • damage from cancer or surgery

  • injuries

  • obesity or being overweight

  • increased age

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • relationship problems

  • drug use

  • alcohol use

  • Smoking

If you’re experiencing ED, or if you’re at least worried that you might get ED, then you should prevent these causes at all costs.

What Can I Do To Prevent/Cure ED?

  • See a urologist. Get all your blood tests done. Get an ultrasound on your penis, etc. For 90% of guys this will rule out a severe physical cause or low T levels. I say severe because some may have a minor physical cause, such as a venous leak, that may evade detection on an ultrasound according to my urologist. There is really nothing you can do about a venous leak anyway besides a penis implant (you’ll have to pump up your penis mechanically the rest of your life), or vascular surgery (literally has a 50% success rate and often fixes the problem for only a couple years). This step is mostly just a precaution and should give you more hope assuming it goes well.

  • Quit watching porn. The studies are still hotly debated but they are out there. Excessive porn consumption rewires your brain and can have a Pavlov’s-dogs-esque effect on a man’s libido. Yes, I know. “But my buddy jimmy watches porn everyday and has sex all the time!” Well either Jimmy’s a liar or he got way luckier than you on the brain chemistry front.

  • Lower your anxiety. At all costs. If your ED issues aren’t caused by anxiety (although for many of you it probably does play a major role), I’m willing to bet they are definitely giving you anxiety. Anxiety alone is tough to cure but I’d highly recommend: Daily meditation, twice a day, 10 minutes a session (4-7-8 breathing, look it up) Better sleep. Don’t do anything in or near your bed except sleep or try to sleep (Pavlov’s dogs again, look up sleep hygiene). 7-8 hours a night please. Daily exercise (lifting or running, preferably both) Read a book. Any book. Just choose something you enjoy and can get immersed in on a nightly basis for a few minutes. All of this stuff except reading has a dearth of studies backing up its effectiveness in combating anxiety. Pick at least two of them two do everyday (Especially meditation) and you can expect results. Lowering your angst won’t just improve your odds of beating ED; it’ll make your life in general more fulfilling and enjoyable.

  • Get a prescription and purchase a lump-sum of sildenafil or any other off brand version of viagra. Because the real shit is just too expensive. Buy a bunch of it (insurance should make it somewhat affordable) and have a bunch of sex without the fear of losing your erection. It’ll help your confidence and eliminate the human error that is anxiety to some extent. May not be a permanent fix but it’ll definitely help you make the most of your sexual abilities ASAP. Watch out for erections lasting longer than two hours and you’ll be good. Also be careful to not become too dependent, maybe try having sex without it some. If you’re feeling hopeless and need a morale boost now, I would recommend giving it a try.

  • Libido boosters/supplements. They come from sketchy sources and can be bunk if you don’t do your homework, but supplements like Maca, tongkat ali, etc., are all said to have huge libido and erection improving benefits. They are also relatively harmless (assuming you get them from good vendors). This would be higher on the list if there were more reliable sources, suggestions appreciated.

  • Cut down (but don’t stop) on masturbation. No one needs to orgasm every day. But I still think masturbating a few times a week is good for maintaining your sex drive, and for not becoming unbearably horny. Some will recommend NoFap, but I think it’s over the top.

  • IF you are drinking or doing drugs (prescription or otherwise) cut back. Whether it’s finasteride (still works for most at 1/2 the dose), vodka redbulls, or weed, cutting back on substance usage or abuse could help you improve not only your overall health but your erections. Alcohol is obviously a biggy. For many young people this probably sucks to read, but I’m going to guess you care about getting laid more than getting hammered.

Excessive porn consumption rewires your brain and can have a Pavlov’s-dogs-esque effect on a man’s libido.

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