The Art of Seduction

Everyone wants to have a meaningful relationship, both romantically and physically. The problem is that most of the time it can seem almost impossible to attract someone that you are truly interested in and it is impossible to have a meaningful relationship without any attraction. Luckily there are some things that you can do to help seduce someone, whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or a short-term one. Here are some tips to help you with the art of seduction.

1. Don’t Be Desperate

Even if you feel desperate and haven’t had a relationship in years, it is important not to show your desperation. Most people, male and female, view neediness as a turnoff and will not want to get involved with someone. This doesn’t mean that you should show no interest at all, but it does mean that you should moderate it carefully. The key is to find a perfect balance that shows that you care enough to be interested but are not desperate enough to do anything.

2. Pay Attention To Hygiene

Another important part of seduction is paying attention to hygiene. You should always be well-groomed and freshly showered when trying to seduce someone. This includes wearing a good deodorant that truly protects you all day long. If you plan on kissing (or even just having a close conversation), make sure your oral hygiene is up to par as well including brushing and flossing. You should also pay attention to your hair (including facial hair for men) and make sure that it is well-groomed.

3. Use Eye Contact

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and that is part of the reason that they are a great tool for seduction. Your eyes can be incredibly expressive and may able to convey feelings that you cannot explain yourself. If you are shy, they are also a great way to express your emotions without the fear of embarrassment. While you are using your eyes to seduce your potential partner, don’t forget to pay attention to what they are doing with their eyes as well; you may have the same goal.

4. Eat Sensual Foods

Another great way to help seduce someone is to choose your foods carefully. Most people (of both genders) find certain fruits such as strawberries and grapes are incredibly sensual. If you are trying to attract a guy, choose a fruit that is a phallic symbol such as bananas. Some fruits that are considered sensual also have aphrodisiac properties. Pomegranates, for example, not only taste good and look sensual with their running juices but can also boost the male sex drive.

5. Play With Smell

When trying to seduce someone, many people use perfumes or colognes to mask their natural scent and while this can work, it is not always the only option. Our pheromones or natural scents have developed through evolution for a reason and part of that reason is because they do a great job at attracting potential mates. Next time you want to seduce someone, try skipping the perfume or cologne and opting for an odorless deodorant so your natural scent will be obvious.

6. Use Touch

One of the best ways to seduce someone is with touch; after all, the ultimate goal of seduction is sex which is all about touching. When you are first seducing someone, try for gentle brief touches on sensitive areas such as the leg or ear. As the seduction progresses, you can try longer embraces or even cuddles to help you seduce your partner. In fact, when you touch someone, it releases the hormone oxytocin which can help enhance the feeling of love and therefore improve the effectiveness of seduction.