Sex Tips For Married Couples

After a long marriage, bringing the fire back into your relationship may be a difficult consideration. However, there are some simple tips that can bring lust and enjoyment back to sex for you and your partner. Here are a few sex tips for you to try with your partner to bring fun back to your personal sex life.

Make It A Game

A great way to make sex more fun, is to make it a random game. A few common choices are: dice where the numbers represent certain actions, fun sexy twister, listing certain acts through a deck of cards, or even more conventional games like strip poker and sexual tarot.

Know What Your Partner Likes

Explore one another’s’ bodies fully. Knowing what your partner likes and where their “hot zones” are can really help bring some spice back into sex. Some common erogenous zones that you might not be aware of are: the back of the neck, between the navel and the genitals, the ears, hands, and feet. Ask about these places, probe gently and see what turns your partner on. You may even discover some places on your partner’s body they did not even know about.

Try New Things

You and your partner should be very comfortable with one another. Feel free to try new positions, methods, and places to have sex. Look things up, read some sexual stimulus magazines, and try these things on your own. These things will help you explore each other, but more importantly, it will also help bring you and your partner closer. Even if it is simply trying new common fetishes, sex with your partner should be fun a satisfying, so if there is anything you feel like you are missing, ask if your partner is ready to provide it. If they are not, try breaking them into it slowly with similar, but less intrusive activities.

Watch Educational Intercourse Videos With Your Partner

It has been proven, that couples that watch erotic videos together are more likely to be open sexually. It can also give you some new ideas to try in bed.