Sex Positions To Increase His Pleasure

Sex Positions To Increase His Pleasure

Anyone can enjoy sex, man or woman, and while the traditional missionary style provides a great deal of pleasure, there are other positions that can give a man even more enjoyment. In many cases positions that are more pleasurable for a man involve deeper penetration or the woman clenching her vagina. Despite this, there are a wide variety of options. Although there are nearly infinite options, here are some of the more attainable sex positions that can increase his pleasure.

Full Mast

If a man is looking for pleasure and his woman is mildly flexible or able to hold positions for a bit of time, then this is a good option. For this position have the woman lie down on her back and lift her legs so they create a 90 degree angle with her body. The man will then kneel in front of her with her legs against his chest. This position is great for his pleasure as it increases the depth available and because the woman’s legs are together the vagina is tighter.

Doggy Style

The reason that doggy style is such a popular position is that it provides a great deal of pleasure and requires a bit less work than some of the other positions. Men enjoy this position because it can be animalistic and it is easy to change the speed of the motions, going either slow or fast. One thing to keep in mind in this position, however, is that the woman will frequently need some additional contact to feel as if the sex is truly intimate.


The cowgirl is the classic position with the woman on top and is a great way to increase the pleasure for both partners. It is great because it allows for deep penetration and extra pleasure but the real reason many men love this position is that they don’t have to do the work. Instead of trying to gain pleasure while focusing on the movements, they can just lie back and enjoy the sensations let the enjoyment rise.

Bent Over

As mentioned, some of the best sex positions to increase his pleasure are ones that allow for deep, maximum penetration. Having sex while bent over is a great solution to this issue and you can do it anywhere. Simply have the woman bend over a piece of furniture with her legs spread. Because her legs are apart and her butt is raised, it is easy to penetrate without worrying about hurting the woman.


This position is a bit more challenging than the others for both parties but is great because like the cowgirl, it allows the woman to do most of the work so that man can simply relax and enjoy. The man sits down on the bed cross-legged with the girl on his lap. She will straddle him by wrapping her legs around his waist and lift herself up and down. If she starts to get tired, you can try leaning against a wall for added support and something for her to hold onto.

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