Sex Positions To Increase Her Pleasure

Sex should be a pleasurable experience for both partners but sometimes it can be difficult to know what position will give the most pleasure. Certain positions will allow for intercourse but not increase a woman’s pleasure while others will do almost nothing for the woman but increase the man’s pleasure. Although it is not always the case, most of the positions that are designed to improve a woman’s pleasure will focus on stimulating the G-spot. Here are some of the best sex positions to try if you are looking for ways to increase her pleasure.

Woman On Top

One of the easiest ways to increase a woman’s pleasure during sexual intercourse is to give her control over the situation. If you are a woman, try getting on top of your man the next time you decide to have sex. You will be able to control the type of movement as well as the depth, allowing you to hit spots that you like and avoid any movements that are painful. This position can also prolong intercourse as it may take your man longer to orgasm.

Seated Scissors

This sex position is similar to the general one of having the woman on top because she is in control of the movements but there is a slight variation. While the man will still lie down on his back, he should bend his knees. The woman will then straddle the man placing one leg between her man’s legs and the other next to his hips. The woman being in control means that she can control grinding exactly how she wants and choosing her ideal depth.

Modified Missionary

The modified missionary position is also known as the butterfly position and although the man is still on top, it changes the angle that he enters at, increasing the woman’s pleasure. For this position the woman will lie down on her back with her hips right at the edge of the bed. The man stands and penetrates her while she lifts her legs up to his shoulders. The change in angle allows him to penetrate deeper and directly hit the G-spot for ultimate pleasure.

Side By Side

Although having intercourse while lying on your side can be challenging for some people, it tends to increase the length of intercourse, making the orgasm more intense for the woman. For this position lay down next to each on your sides facing each other with the woman’s leg wrapped on top of the man’s legs or hips. You can change your range of motion by opening or closing your legs and either one of you can be in control.

Doggie Style With A Curve

This position is similar to doggy style as it involves the man entering the woman from behind. To get in position, get on your hands and knees but then bring your shoulders downward with your butt arched up. This allows you to change the curve and affect the depth. It will also give the guy the opportunity to reach the woman’s G-spot increasing pleasure.

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