Sex During The Winter: How To Regain Desire When You Just Want To Sleep And Stay Warm

A long autumn, an endless winter, and a sleepy spring is not a reason to refuse sex, although sometimes it is the last thing we want. Here are 7 rules to follow in order to enjoy your sex life all year round.

A woman’s legs, when kept warm, increase the likelihood of an orgasm.

  1. Keep your body warm. In the cold season, we are constantly freezing and trying to get under the covers not for sex, but to warm up and relax. As a result of hypothermia, we wish only to sleep and get rid of the uncomfortable sensation of clamps in the body which arise when you shiver. Women sometimes fearlessly go outside to the January frosts in short skirts and thin pantyhose, but the constant cooling affects erotic susceptibility. Ski pants, a wind-blown cap pulled down to the eyebrows, and warm shoes are the secret to maintaining sexual desire.
  2. Wear warm socks. Some studies suggest that a woman’s legs, when kept warm, increase the likelihood of an orgasm. Obviously, you should know how to dress according to the weather, but wearing warm footwear and legwear offers more benefits than you know. Thick high socks, the kind your grandmother knits in family-sized quantities, will make you much happier and sexually satisfied than delicate stockings from an expensive sex shop – for the next six months, that is.

  3. Get a little fatter. Reduced sexual desire in women during the cold season is a common thing. Surveys show that in the cold two-thirds of women no longer enjoy sex or feel their interest weaken. One of the reasons is due to metabolism – the freezing organism delays sex until better times and reduces the production of testosterone. Testosterone in normal quantities helps maintain sexual desire, but reduced promotes fat deposition. From the point of view of survival in winter, fat is much more important than production of sex hormones, because with a sufficient layer, the body retains heat better. Accordingly, the already existing fat allows less cold to enter the body and at the same time retains the ability to enjoy sex.
  4. Warm your skin. In winter, sexual desire may be dulled due to reduced skin sensitivity. Chilled skin reacts less to affection, and without affection you will not wake up the desire. A pleasant way to return sensations is to use massage tools with a warming effect. Massage oil candles are very suitable for this. Simply melt the essential oils that make up the candle, let it cool a bit, pour it into you palm, and directly massage the body with the warm oil. Massages increase the closeness between people and it can also induce arousal. While this is not always the case, it still happens.
  5. Keep your skin moist. Home heating is common during the cold season. The bad side of an inexpensive way not to freeze in the winter is constantly over-dried air, from which the skin on the face and body dries. Because of this, people just lose sensitivity in the cold. Put a humidifier if you can, drink more clean water, reduce the amount of coffee and tea (you want to warm up, but after drinking you’ll run to the toilet much more often), and give up the burning hot shower even if the cold temperature tempts you into jumping in warm water (hot water also dries very much).
  6. Use warm sex toys. Adult products do not shrink from the cold. However, some materials like metal release heat through conduction and quickly become cold as a result, which completely reduce the desire to use them. The most annoying thing is the way metal toys work – they always get colder than the surrounding temperature. Next up are glass toys – they also get cold but not as much as metal toys. Silicone and varnished wood would the best of toy materials for the cold season. They have a low thermal conductivity, so they are not affected by the surrounding temperature. Metal and glass products can be quickly heated by placing them under a stream of hot water, while silicone and wooden devices can be inserted under the arm shortly before the start of the action.
  7. Choose warm sex positions. The heater may be working, but often people do not feel like getting out from under the blanket, especially in the morning. To avoid getting chills from the cold while having sex, start with positions that retain heat to the maximum. Constantly moving during sex helps in the process of warming up too. Heat is stored in positions with the most extensive skin contact and the ability to cuddle. To do this, you both need to sit or lie down, hugging each other.

Massages increase the closeness between people and it can also induce arousal.

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