Video Sex Course: How To Perform Sex In The Standing Position

Sex does not always have to be laying down in a bed or on the floor. In this course, you will learn the basics of having sex in the standing position.

Having sex in the standing position can be pleasurable to both of you.
You will learn tips & tricks to make the experience of having sex in the standing position more pleasurable for both of you.

In this video course, you will learn:

  • How to comfortable have sex in the standing position without worrying about falling or having an “awkward moment”
  • What levels of flexibility and strength are needed to perform in this position
  • How sex in the standing position can increase pleasure and satisfaction
  • How to properly position yourself and your partner to ensure you have an amazing experience
  • To show your partner a new technique that will truly impress her!
  • The ways to have both anal and vaginal sex from this position
  • How to use the wall and various hand positions to maximize pleasure
  • The variety of ways to use this position, from basic to advances in an easy to learn format (see also this article)
  • Secret tips and tricks to blowing your partners mind having sex in the standing position
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