Sex Video Course: How To (Safely) Have Anal Sex

Anal sex is a pleasurable sex position which, if you perform it well, gives both of you a lot of pleasure.

If you perform it well, anal sex can be very pleasurable
It involves “unconventional” techniques that can be amazing but could also cause some discomfort. You should talk to your partner if this is an act you want to perform. Moreover, it offers a great deal of pleasure and often bonds two people even closer together.

In this video course, you will learn:

  • Why Anal Sex is preferred by both men and women and offers a greater sense of pleasure
  • Why it’s the most preferred “unconventional technique” for both men and women (see also this article)
  • Critical aspects to understand before you try anal sex
  • Why the sensation is heightened for men during this act
  • Why communication with your partner around this subject area is critical!
  • Common myths and misconceptions around anal sex that simply aren’t true!
  • How to ensure you aren’t risking the health of you or your partner
  • How to use lubrication to ensure you both feel great and stay away from potential physical pain
  • Secret techniques that overcome all the potential risks of having anal sex ensuring it’s fun and satisfying for both people

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