Sex Video Course: How To Give a Blowjob

Many women (and men) are insecure about performing oral sex on a man. They feel like they are being judged every time they perform oral sex on a man, which is not the case.

Most men are thankful that you are making the effort to pleasure him orally.
In fact, most men are thankful that you are making the effort to pleasure him orally. This course is designed to (i) teach women how to please a man orally but (ii) also to give men ideas and techniques they didn’t even know to share with their partner!

Orally pleasuring a man can be seen as a standalone act, but it can also be used as a matter of foreplay. There are many tips and tricks and tricks to learn how to orally pleasure your partner, improve your skills and impress him.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to play with the testicles to maximize the sensations
  • Why both the top of the penis and the bottom are important to pay attention to
  • How to read his body language to guide you (see also this article)
  • Both fast and slow methods to getting him off
  • How to use pressure to your advantage and how to determine how much pressure is the perfect amount
  • The WIDE variety of techniques and secrets to giving incredible oral sex your list item
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