Making Your First Time Special

The first time you have sex can be scary, strange, and a little awkward. Especially if you have never experienced your sexuality in a defined way, your first experience is something that many people consider uncertain. It is important that your first time is special for both you and your partner, and that can be difficult to do if you have no knowledge or experience on the topic. An educational erotic sexual video is a great way to break the ice for your first sexual experience and get a little bit of knowledge on the way your potential partner’s body works.

Clumsiness Or Awkwardness

The hardest part of your first time is the awkwardness or uncertainty that is involved with exploring someone else’s body. If you have never experienced sex before, your first time may be dominated by fumbling and maybe even some painful mistakes. An educational erotic video can teach what to do with real visual examples of what will make your partner react well, and help both of you have a great first time. It will also help you have safe sex, without the boring tutorials that explain the simplest part of sex in more detail than is really necessary.

Pain Or Discomfort

Having sex for the first time, without knowing what to expect, can be painful or cause discomfort, especially for women. However, if you educate yourself before your first time, this pain or discomfort can be reduced or even eliminated. Many of these methods are talked about in an educational erotic video, and the visual aid will make sure you have these methods right for when you are ready to have sex. A comfortable experience, especially for females, will help garner healthy enjoyment of sex in the future. Knowing what will make your partner comfortable and happy will keep sex great for you and your partner.


The best way to make your first time special, is to educate yourself about sex. If you are ready for your first time mentally, it will be a much more enjoyable experience physically. Educational erotic videos are the best way to go about this.