Lack Of Confidence And Influence On Your Sex Life

Many people, men and women, suffer from a lack of confidence and this can have a severe impact on all aspects of a person’s life. The lack of confidence can be in terms of appearance, personality, income or any other variety of factors but no matter the cause, it can make it harder to form any type of relationship, whether personal or professional. It can also make a person generally depressed or constantly compare themselves to others. Here are just some of the ways that low confidence can influence your sex life.

Fewer And Shorter Relationships

One problem is that most people are attracted to confident people. Because of this, people who lack confidence tend to have fewer relationships and in general they will last for a shorter amount of time. This is because many people view it as a hassle to date a person who needs constant reassurance that they are great and worth being in a relationship with. The shorter amount of time spent in relationships means that there is less of an opportunity for sex as most people who have sex on a regular basis do so with their significant other.

More Likely To Give Into Sexual Pressure

While the lack of relationships can mean a person with lower confidence will have fewer opportunities for sex, the lack of confidence can mean that a person will say yes to sex even when they don’t necessarily want to. Many people in this situation feel that they are not worthy of a relationship and therefore if their significant other wants to have sex, they will simply say yes to maintain the relationship. This can even be true for people who are not in a relationship. Some people will lack confidence to such an extent that they can’t believe anyone will want to be with them and because of this, will say yes to anyone who asks.

You Have More Sex When You’re Confident

Speaking of quantity of sex, people who are confident or comfortable with their bodies tend to have more sex than those who are not. Sex is a very intimate connection that requires you to come in extremely close contact with your partner’s body. If a person does not have confidence and feels they are unattractive, they may be afraid to have their partner see or touch them and because of this will be less likely to initiate sex.

Sex Is Better When You Feel Confident

When a person who lacks confidence does have sex, it tends to be less pleasurable than it would be for someone with more confidence. This is because of the same worry mentioned above, that the person doesn’t want their partner to see or touch them. If you are worried about your appearance throughout sex, you won’t be able to take the time to enjoy it as your mind will be occupied. The same is true of other issues that can affect confidence, such as feeling as if you are not good in bed. In some cases, simply feeling this way will make you distracted and therefore less attentive to your partner. Being confident on the other hand, allows you to focus on the act itself and the needs of your partner so you both have a good time.