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Hi, I’m Susan. I created Sexcourses.TV to teach you how to have better sex with more confidence. My courses will teach you:

  • A variety of ways to perform techniques in an easy to follow video series (including videos on How To Provide Oral Sex, How To Masturbate and How To Have Sex In The Doggy Style Position)
  • How to understand what your partner needs and likes (and how to give it!)
  • How and when to apply new sexual techniques (which you will learn during the courses)
  • How to overcome your anxiety and how to relieve any feelings of insecurity during sex
  • And much more!

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My girlfriend asked that she would like me to lick her pussy (cunnilingus). I had no idea how!!!! I watched the ‘How To Provide Oral Sex’ course.. this really helped me to gain more confidence.. and when the moment was there I followed the guidelines from the course.. my girlfriend was impressed!!”

Improve your sex life!

Think about how your sex life would be if you knew many new sexual techniques satisfy the needs of your partner every time.

Why follow our courses?

  • You can be in control of the situation knowing you know how to please your partner in a variety of ways
  • Approach any situation that may come up in the bedroom
  • Feel sexier, more attractive, and supremely confident
  • Build a stronger bond with your partner through intimacy or have a blast navigating the single life!



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