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    So i got recently married about 4 months ago. Myself and my wife had the greatest sex life we could possibly have the first 3 months of your marriage. Since the last month things have slowed down and we are not having the same sex as we use to have. People say it was out Honeymoon period and it is over. My question is, how can i take our sex life back to the way it was?


    First you have to discuss about this openly with your partner that this is the whole case. After that you guys can go towards what can you do bring them same intensity. The other thing you can do is lessen your sex such as if it was before like 7 times per week cut it too 5. Waiting for sex would make it more rewarding and more special i believe. Communication is the key here trust me.


    It is totally normal you can never keep the same intensity with your wife forever, the important thing is both of you understanding this fact and moving along with it. I am sure your wife will understand you and still both you will have amazing sex for the years to come.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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