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    Hand me a few tips on how to have sex in a car as the space is very less but people still have it and it is successful. I want to do the same


    Just take your girl to the backseats, move the front seats to as far as you possibly can. I am sure there will be adequate space then you can have normal sex, remember taking your clothes off would be a little awkward but you can do it no problem.


    Use the less space to your advantage, your girl would be more close to you so it would easier to do a lot stuff while a lot of stuff also goes unnoticed if you know what i mean 😉 Enjoy


    The back seats have a lot of space to do all the stuff you need to do. Just remember to park your car in a area where you are not disturbed and well go on to the job i think you will do wonderfully!


    well you can try by first bending the frint seats over and making more room for you and your partner

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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