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    I am a 23 year old girl, who isn’t that much religious but i want to save myself for the wedding day to have proper sexual intercourse. I am right to do this or should i just give away as guys these days don’t value such standards and also enlighten me if i should give myself away what kind of a man should i have sex with for the first time.


    Yes, it is totally ok. If you want to save yourself for marriage that’s ok. There’s actually a survey that couples who have sex after marriage are more likely to stay together


    It is totally alright that you want to wait it out and save yourself for marriage. Those are your values and you should stick by them, i don’t think men have a opinion on it or you keep your values based on the opinion of men. Have sex when you want to simple.


    You should do what you think is best. I applause you for being rare and believing in yourself but the decision is all yours and no one should help in making it for you. I know only one thing the decision you will make will be right for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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