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    Tell me your first time masturbation story, how did it happen and how did it felt. This question is not only for men but women can also reply me back 😉


    I was 13, and in a bed adjacent to my sleeping grandma on a granddaughter/grandmother ancestry trip to Germany (lol). I was bored because she’d gone to sleep at 10 p.m. and I was jet lagged, so I decided to touch myself. I definitely panicked…felt like a WWII air raid. It was unsettlingly awesome.


    My first sexual awakening went down while watching Xtina’s ‘Dirrty’ music video when I was 13. I got so turned on by her assless chaps that I locked my bedroom door, and the rest is history.


    I was in 8th grade, and I was watching Maroon 5’s ‘She Will Be Loved’ music video at my grandma’s house. Thought it was basically porn—in retrospect, Adam Levine’s on-screen make out game is just tighter than most. Back then, though, a good, fully clothed make out scene was all I needed. So, I started poking around under the floral covers, and the moment I started to get somewhere, my grandma walked in. It was mildly scarring, but it didn’t stop me from *using* that music video for months to come (see what I did there?).


    I’ve been known to fuck a vegetable. Give me a cucumber or a carrot with the right girth and I’m the happiest girl on the planet. I just thrust it in and out, again and again—slower to start and than fast, like Thumper the bunny. I get wetter and wetter until I cum.


    I was 11, and I was lying in my bed, experiencing a feeling that I would later learn to describe as ‘super horny,’ when I thought, ‘what if I made my hand like a vagina?’ I did, and it worked. Not only was I proud that I had figured the whole ‘masturbating’ thing out for myself — I was convinced that I had actually discovered it. You’re welcome, guys of the world! For some time, nothing came out when I did it, but once I started producing semen, my bed became a really foul place.


    I had my first orgasm when I was 7 in my jacuzzi in Hawaii and I thought I was dying.


    I am 11 years old. It’s summer break. I am taking a shower. The soap makes everything slippery. My dick glides against the side of my thigh.

    Hey! What was that?

    The feeling is strange, like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. It’s also pleasant, very pleasant. So I repeat the same motion.

    Wow! This feels really good!

    I continue. After a few minutes, there is another strange sensation.

    What. Is. Happening. To. My. Testicles?

    They hurt. They hurt really bad.

    Is something bad going to happen to me? How am I going to explain this?

    At the same time as the pain, I feel my nuts pulsating. Seconds later, there is a grayish white fluid emanating from the tip of my dick.

    What. Is. THAT?

    I wonder if it’s sperm, the white liquid they told me about at school. I wonder if what’s just happened to me was normal. I wonder if I’m going to need to be hospitalized. I wonder if I’ve ruined something on my body by recklessly repeating that move over and over again. I wonder if I should ask my mom.

    Maybe not!

    I wonder if I should ask my dad. He has a dick. He’ll probably know.

    Maybe not!

    I wonder if this is supposed to impact the way I do my ablutions before my prayers. I want to ask someone. But who?

    Will they know what I have done?

    I can’t take the risk. I’ll tell no one. Maybe I’ll tell my friends when I get back to school. I feel dirty. I feel guilty. I feel like I have sinned. I need to ask God for forgiveness. And so I pray, with the ferocious devotion that only a child can muster, I pray.


    I have sinned. I have pleasured myself. I have angered my God. I will never do it again. I swear, on everything I hold most dear.

    Walahi. Walahi bilahi. I will never do this again.

    I have never believed anything so fervently as I believe the fact that this was my last time.

    And yet, alone again in the shower the next day, I could not help but replicate my experience of the day before. It was around this time that people started commenting that I was taking a really long time in the shower.

    And so, with the same regularity with which one day followed another, prayer followed guilt, and guilt followed pleasure, and pleasure followed prayer, and prayer followed the descent of the inexorable guilt and shame and disgust upon me every time I pleasured myself.


    In my room, was browsing the internet for educational material. Saw some sexual naughty adds on the side so opened them, saw a naked lady for the time on internet. The rest just happened and i remember feeling the best i could after i finished.


    I tell you my story
    as I started masturbating last year. I was a little nervous about it, but when I tried it, I was a little bit happy and didn’t think I could get away with it. Before I go to bed, I sleep well. At first, I used a pillow to masturbate and just recently changed into doing it myself. There are many good things that If you come from having an orgasm then why wouldn’t you?


    One afternoon on my way home from school when I was 16, I was stuck behind a massive highway accident long enough to try masturbating (for the first time) with a vibrating caterpillar my brother got in a Happy Meal. I came literally right as the road cleared up. I continued to use the caterpillar whenever I was stuck in traffic before investing in a real vibrator (which, to be honest, didn’t do the job any better). I’m lovin’ it, am I right?!


    When I was on deployment in the Navy I had to stand a one hour lookout watch on the very tail end of the ship looking at the water in case someone fell overboard. Due to watch bill rotations, you stand this watch at all different times of day. On the really late/really early in the morning watches, I would fap on watch. I have nutted in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.


    I was 14 years old and one evening my parents weren’t home and my little sister was sleeping in her room. I felt really horny so I got naked and started playing with my dick. I didn’t know that it would ejaculate and stuff. I was super hard and I could some sort of pressure in my dick. I remembered that my friend once told me that if you play long enough with it, it’ll spray a white liquid. I was curious but it felt like I was about to pee. Just as I was playing with my dick my sister walked upto me and said that she didn’t know that I masturbated. i was shocked and couldn’t say anything. Then she asked if I even knew what it was and she showed a motion of jerking off a dick . Then she came closer and started looking at my dick. She said that she had seen many online but never saw one irl. I dont know but my little sister looking at my dick with her face so close to it made me even hornier. Before I noticed she reached for it and grabbed my dick and I cummed before she could even stroke it. She said that she was disappointed that I came so fast and that she wanted me to call her next time when I wasn’t already ready to cum. That’s how I discovered about handjobs and masturbation and stuff

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