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    Should i just insert a single finger or should put multiple fingers inside? And how should i put them.


    “Last night my boyfriend did this to me for the first time ever… and holy fuck.
    Place 2 fingers inside of her on on her g-spot.
    Then put pressure on it from the outside, slightly above her mound. Then rub her g-spot.
    Holy hell. I had tears rolling down my face, I came instantly every time he started and kept coming until he stopped.
    He would give me a break, then do it again.
    After the 3rd one, when I was laying there panting and wiping the tears off of my face, he says to me with a sly grin, “Let me know when you want another.”
    This is also great for if she wants to go for a round and you’re too tired.”


    Find the G-spot with one finger, it’s on the front wall of the vagina, and start doing a kind of “come hither” motion. When you find it, you’ll know by her reaction. Stimulate this for a while until you both feel comfortable, then add a second finger if it fits, gradually increase the speed.


    Answering to your question 1 or 2 fingers don’t specifically matter finding the G-spot is the real key here so if you can find it then it is a fingering success for you.


    first put single finger then by using lube or when she get hot insert more finger in her slightly. dont give her pain as this pain reduce your love even finsh love. and this fingering maybe last time so take proper care

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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