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    Hey there, i just wanted to explain by situation so i am gay and i have a amazingly great boyfriend. Now recently he asked about having Anal Sex and i know people tend to do it alot these days but i don’t want it. I believe it’s painful and there is no point in causing so much pain for just inserting your penis into a hole. I really love my boyfriend so how can i convince him to not have Anal sex without him getting upset about it?


    First, how can you assume it hurts a lot? Have you ever tried? It actually feels good. And other than that, if you still don’t wanna have anal. You can try talking to him by telling him that you’re not comfortable to have anal but you will tell him when and who knows you might actually want to do it in the future


    do anal sex its good, you enjoy by this but if not tell that clearly that you dont want to do that


    If he loves you he will understand your situation. So don’t you worry and just talk to him. If he insists then there is no harm in trying once more and if you don’t like then tell him clearly this is what you don’t want.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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