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    Many people with vaginas find anal sex pleasurable — but why?


    Not just there are huge amounts of nerve endings in the butt-centric waterway which are absent in [the] vagina, however you can likewise climax through the aberrant incitement of [the] clitoris,” Holmgren told INSIDER. “This little organ is formed like a wishbone, and you can just observe the little part outwardly, however the two long legs stretch out right down to our butt in certain ladies.

    The state of the clitoris can likewise enable a few people to accomplish the legendary G-spot climax through butt-centric infiltration. So insofar as you’re going securely and gradually into butt-centric sex, your odds of it feeling extraordinary are quite high.


    Not only are tons of nerve endings not current in vagina in the anal canal, but you can also orgasm through clitoris indirect stimulation. This small organ is formed like a wishbone and you can only see the small portion on the outside, but the two long arms stretch all the way down to our anus in some women. The clitoris shape can also assist some individuals through anal penetration to achieve the mythical G-spot orgasm. So as long as you’re going to anal sex securely and slowly, your chances are quite high.


    Depends on the female i suppose, some find it really painful and just do it for the sake of their partners liking while some actually enjoy this type of sex. One thing is for sure it hurts the initial few days but gets better as the days go

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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