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    Which turns the girls more? I feel sometimes when i finger my wife she is more satisfied in comparison to when i suck her. Why is that the case?


    Cunnilingus is more satisfying if done in the most sexual manner.

    There are basically 5 cunnilingus techniques that you can use to please your girl. One, sweeping. Two, suction, Three, ABCs. Four, Circles. Five, flicking.

    Now, let us look at each one of these.

    1. Sweeping. This is the most simple cunnilingus technique and you should have no problem pulling it off. Place your tongue on the right hand side of her clitoris and move it from side to side. Vary your pace according to her response.

    2. Suction. This is a very powerful cunnilingus technique and you should only use it when she is sufficiently aroused. Suction too early in the game will put too much pressure on her sensitive clitoris too soon, which can turn her off completely. When she is sufficiently aroused, gently place her clitoris into your mouth and suck on it as if you are drinking from a straw.

    3. ABCs. Use your tongue to draw ABCs, shapes, numbers and other words. Be creative and make it unpredictable for maximum pleasure.

    4. Circles. This is another simple cunnilingus technique. Place your tongue at either side of the clitoris and move it in an anti-clockwise or clockwise direction.

    5. Flicking. Use the tip of your tongue to flick the clitoris repeatedly. Then suck it into your mouth, release and flick it again.

    Warning: Do NOT bite her clitoris… unless you want to cause serious pain to her and turn her off completely.


    It seriously depends on the woman, I’m not a teenager, meaning I don’t call them girls, lol.

    I’ve had women discourage me from performing oral sex on them. I love doing it so it was a disappointment. When I was married, she’d do me a favor by allowing me to do it :). She preferred my fingers and me telling her stories, I got good at what she liked. It also allowed us to be face to face when she had an orgasim. We learned how she could have orgrasims during intercourse after we divorced, so it didn’t happen much between us.

    I had another lover that said how her clitoris was formed gave her amazing orgasims during intercourse and that’s all she liked to do, no oral and no fingers – she firmly said no thank you.


    The answer is pretty simple to your question which jazy has failed to answer is that with fingering the odds of you finding your women’s G-spot are very great so she is aroused by that fact while when you lick her the odds will be very low. I say combine at the same time and see the magic happen 🙂


    You have to kiss her neck, cut her ear, earrings (literally not cut, ear is the sexiest part of a woman’s body), and kill her hair, back, breasts, cords and kisses. You need to cut it with. His body is full of emotion and your hands are moving. Every part of her body needs to be awakened so that she can reach the orgasm soon enough, which is proof of her satisfaction level.

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