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I was 14 years old and one evening my parents weren’t home and my little sister was sleeping in her room. I felt really horny so I got naked and started playing with my dick. I didn’t know that it would ejaculate and stuff. I was super hard and I could some sort of pressure in my dick. I remembered that my friend once told me that if you play long enough with it, it’ll spray a white liquid. I was curious but it felt like I was about to pee. Just as I was playing with my dick my sister walked upto me and said that she didn’t know that I masturbated. i was shocked and couldn’t say anything. Then she asked if I even knew what it was and she showed a motion of jerking off a dick . Then she came closer and started looking at my dick. She said that she had seen many online but never saw one irl. I dont know but my little sister looking at my dick with her face so close to it made me even hornier. Before I noticed she reached for it and grabbed my dick and I cummed before she could even stroke it. She said that she was disappointed that I came so fast and that she wanted me to call her next time when I wasn’t already ready to cum. That’s how I discovered about handjobs and masturbation and stuff