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“Sex” is a word that means many different things to different people. So it really depends on how *you* define it.

In some parts of the US, and to some people, “sex” means intercourse—nothing else counts. To other people, and/or in other places, it can mean having lustful thoughts. There is no common definition.

In general, I would use the term “sex” to refer to any activity that is designed to arouse a sexual response: there are lots of signs of sexual response, so this “definition” isn’t as circular as it might seem. Sexual response includes the erection or hardening of, or increased blood flow to certain tissues and organs, including the penis, clitoris, and nipples; increased lubrication of the vagina; thoughts becoming more focused on touching genitals (your own or others), intercourse or other forms of penetration; and a variety of other responses that most people can identify in themselves.

Of course, that is just how I use the word; I would consider masturbation to be a form of sex.

But why does it matter whether it is “sex” or not? There is nothing wrong (and many things right) with any kind of sexual activity, as long as everyone concerned consents fully and freely, and reasonable precautions are taken to prevent pregnancy, disease, and physical harm. So if masturbation feels good, enjoy it to the full, and know that you are doing no one any harm, and giving yourself a lot of pleasure!