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Size matters because stimulation of the vaginal canal, g-spot and clitoris are often achieved by the engorgement, aka, size, of the dick.

The fuller the sensation in the vaginal canal, the more likely stimulation and pleasure are achieved.

The longer the dick, the more likely it is to reach the ever elusive G-spot. Though length can often be misleading— too much and the G-spot is by passed for the cervix, which can get hurt.

The wider the dick, the more likely it will cause pleasurable pressure and friction on sensitive areas, triggering the immense network of nerves that are located in the women’s canal.

Shape also matters: the vaginal canal can be curved, straight, angled towards the anus or the front and likewise, the penis can be curved, straight, angled, etc. Shape can determine whether the clitoris AND/OR the G-spot and other network of pleasure nerves are “hit,” when they are “hit” and how many times they are “hit” throughout the course of coital encounter. Shape also determines which positions achieve maximal pleasure or encounter the various aspects of the woman’s varying pleasure centers.

Finally, when the going gets wet larger dicks are more likely to “RE-sensitize” areas of the canal that become quickly “immune” to the rigorous friction of sex without much effort on the part of either partner. The vaginal canal can get ‘desensitized’ to the natural rhythm of sex and loose the feeling of the penis head and body inside: however, the larger the dick, the wider the dick, the more likely the dick is able to re-ignite, yet again, the vast network of vaginal nerves, triggering a whole new cycle of pleasure for the woman.

Finally, big dicks just LOOK better. The sight of a big dick is awe-inspiring, and as a woman, when I see one it just takes my breath away. Visually, a big dick is sexually arousing. Psychologically, the sight of a big dick precipitates a whole host of feminine (and masculine) fantasies. Whatever your orientation, like big hips, big hair or big boobs, big dicks arrest the eye because they biologically signal the following message: “I’M A HEALTHY-FERTILE-VIRILE PRIMATE: MATE WITH ME!”

Women who say size doesn’t matter haven’t experienced automatic orgasms from being f-ed by the “perfect” size….OR they are just plain lying.

Given the feminine track record of emotional labor and white lies to support the ever crumbling walls of male insecurity, I suspect that women who parrot the line “big dicks don’t matter” are just being nice and trying to avoid getting bitch slapped, stalked and/or revenge-raped. (Remember, no woman is going to tell you the truth about your small dick out of fear she’ll end up in a body-bag the following day).

While the average woman might not always want to have a massive 9″ dick inside of her, there is no doubt in my mind that your average woman would definitely DISLIKE being f-ed by a three inch-er, let alone a micro-penis. Unless there are some really inhibiting physical reasons why a particular woman would want a smaller sized dick there is no world in which the small dick feels better than an adequate-to-larger sized penis. #truth #sorrynotsorry

Size does matter, and while no two vaginas are alike, the thicker and bigger the dick is for a particular woman’s vagina, the better.

And from personal experience, there is nothing *quite* like getting penetrated by a perfectly sized (large) dick and experiencing an automatic orgasm. When you meet the (right) sized (large) dick and this happens it can feel I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E.

All this being admitted, a man can be well endowed as a horse and completely worthless in bed. Without skill, personality, kindness and some charm, a big dick doesn’t account for much other than a one-night-stand road-side attraction

Take heart, small-dicked men. When stuck with a tiny penis use your tongue instead.