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In contrast to the vagina, the rear-end doesn’t normally create enough grease for agreeable entrance, so it’s imperative to utilize a lot of oil. (You can purchase lube like KY and Astroglide at most medication stores.) If the muscles in the rear-end aren’t loose and there isn’t sufficient grease, all things considered, butt-centric sex will hurt. It’s essential to unwind, go gradually, stop on the off chance that anything damages, and let your accomplice know how you feel — sex that is excruciating or awkward shouldn’t proceed. Not every person likes butt-centric intercourse. So it’s alright in the event that you don’t.

Distress from butt-centric sex ought to leave before long — in the event that it doesn’t, despite everything you’re encountering torment a couple of days subsequent to having butt-centric sex, you should see a medical caretaker or specialist to ensure that nothing has been harmed.

Like unprotected vaginal sex, unprotected butt-centric sex is extremely unsafe for some explicitly transmitted contaminations, for example, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis, and HIV/AIDS . Use condoms during butt-centric intercourse to lessen your danger of explicitly transmitted diseases.