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Most woman do. More frequently in teenager and early adult stage.

I used to get sexual excitements in high school time but didn’t know clearly what it is. I used to lay down in bed in upside down style, lifting my top or bra up to take boobs out. Then I used to rub my breast on bed, holding and squeezing a pillow by hand. Sometimes I kept another pillow below my breast.

Sometimes, before bathing, If I got excited, I laid down in wet floor under shower, rub my breast to get orgasm. Then I used to bath quickly to save time (to avoid anyone doubting on me)

Later, I picked up that sex and masturbation is by vagina, not by breast. I slowly shifted to rubbing pubic hair by hand fingering the vagina for masturbation.

Still I play with my breast sometimes. I take my boobs in both hands in front of mirror, shake and rotate them. Sometime even bend my neck to kiss the nipples.

Then I do fingering vagina while rotating boobs by 1 hand, keeping my eyes closed, imagining that my husband is fucking me very hard.

Still, I sometimes do old fantasy of rubbing boobs on bed or wet floor. Some rare times, I rub boobs in bathroom mirror wall, holding taps and hooks for grip