About Us

Hi, my name is Susan and I am the creator of the sex courses on Sexcourses.TV. When I looked on the internet for reliable information on how to have sex, I only found porn related material whereas I was looking for honest advice on how to improve my sexual techniques. I was then that I decide to create informative sexual courses myself. Our mission is to eliminate the insecurity and embarrassment many people have when it comes to sex.

The truth is, most people don’t know as much as they’d like about sex, the various positions and techniques, the terminology, and how to gain access to that information without resorting to pornography.

We’ve worked for more than two years to develop online education videos, lessons, and sex courses, which enable you to improve your sexual skills. The program is designed to start with basic courses and at your own pace, graduate to more advanced courses as you work through the program and build a foundation of knowledge.

We wanted to take the “dirty” part out of sex and sexual conversations and offer a solution to those that lack confidence in the bedroom. So in each online sex course video, two actors will show you how to do it and in a voice over, I will give you more tips & tricks. See also our FAQ for more information.

After you have followed all the sex courses lessons, you will be more confident about your sexual capabilities. You will hopefully be able to impress your sex partner with the tips & tricks that you have learned from the online sex courses. You can also use our forum to ask sexual related questions to enhance your sex skills!

Click here to access the sex course program and gain the knowledge and skills that will give you confidence and impress your partner!