7 Things He Wishes You’d Do In Bed

Sex is an incredibly intimate and pleasurable experience but a lot of the time people tend to focus on their own pleasure. It is important to keep your partner in mind as well but it can be challenging to know what he wants, especially if he isn’t communicating. The good news is that there are a few things that most guys wish their partners would do in bed and you can try these out to focus on him a bit.

Talk Dirty

In general, guys like to hear their women talk while they are in bed. While some are fine with simple moans or basic sounds, many of them would love to hear their partner talk dirty. You don’t have to come up with something incredibly dirty; simply saying what you want him to do to you or what you want to do to him should be enough.

Praise Him

When you are talking to your guy, you don’t need to restrict yourself to dirty talk. Guys also like to hear praise while in bed. Although men like to hear positive remarks like this all of the time, they tend to find it especially enjoyable if you say like “you are doing that so well” or something similar. Remember that both men and women have insecurities and a bit of praise can go a long way in the bedroom.

Share Fantasies

Sex is one of the most intimate acts you can do with another person and because of that having intercourse is like sharing your soul. That is why men like it when their partners tell them about their fantasies; they also like to have the opportunity to share theirs. This can be simply talking about them in bed or actually taking the time to act them out.

Say What You Like

Unless your partner is very experienced, chances are that he will need a bit of instruction in correctly pleasing you. Although some erogenous zones of the body are the same for men and women, there are plenty that are different and the entire genital region is completely different. That isn’t the only issue however; men know that every woman likes something different and they want you to enjoy yourself so they need to know what you like.


Although most people think of sex as simple penetration, it is much more than that. Many men love to watch their women masturbate as it is incredibly arousing and gives them a preview of what to come. This is a great idea if you are looking for a new idea for foreplay and it can help show your guy exactly what you like so he doesn’t have any doubts.

Be Open To Suggestions

The problem in a lot of relationships is that one or both of the partners simply aren’t willing to try new things in bed. It is not uncommon for the man to make a suggestion and the woman to immediately say no (and vice versa) but most guys wish you would at least consider their suggestion. Be honest if you can never see yourself doing it but if it doesn’t disgust you outright at least consider the idea before saying no.


Even in a relationship where both partners enjoy sex, it is not uncommon for the woman to want a much longer encounter than the man and if there isn’t enough time, she will simply opt out. Most men want you to be willing to have an occasional quickie as foreplay isn’t always a necessity for them. Men tend to especially enjoy quickies when they didn’t think they were going to have the chance for sex that day.

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