6 Good Reasons To Try A Sex Swing

What Is A Sex Swing


Sex swing – just the name itself sounds exciting! For couples who want better and more exciting sex, there are a few things that can measure up to a good sex swing. A sex swing makes your favorite positions more comfortable and lets you try out all-new and imaginative positions together. The bed can be used for so many positions, but a sex swing has a simple purpose – to give you the best sex you’ve had!

A sex swing lets you try new and exciting sex positions, all you need is some imagination and a partner ready for fun experiences. The sex swing can not only solve typical problems such as height and weight differences when finding good positions that suit you both, it can also refresh the traditional positions and make the sex extra exciting.

6 Reasons To Try A Sex Swing

A sex swing lets you try new and exciting sex positions, all you need is some imagination and a partner ready for fun experiences.

Did you think you had to be an acrobat to get something out of a sex swing? All couples can enjoy the benefits of weightless and super comfortable sex, here are 6 good reasons why you should just try:


  1. More intense orgasms

With a sex swing, it’s easier to hold on for longer, in positions you might not be able to get into normally. This means that you get more stimulation and closeness at a level far beyond what you can do without it. Orgasms will be extra intense for both of you!

  1. Experience “weightless” sex

Sex swings have soft padding and adjustable straps that relieve back, butt, arms, and legs. Just sit back and enjoy your favorite positions! For many women, riding their partner is more than a training session, with a sex swing you get rocked up and down while just enjoying the feeling! Doggy, cowgirl, oral sex and much more – the sex swing relieves the body and lets you focus on the good experience.

  1. Fantastic flexibility

No matter how vigorous you are, a sex swing will open you to new and exciting positions you’ve never tried before. Let your partner swing you around, lay your legs around his head and use the movements of the man as extra stimulation, sit back and try upside-down sex. In there, only your imagination sets the limits!

  1. More focus on each other

It can often be difficult to make time for each other, even when having sex, there can be a lot of other things that focus away from the sexual. The sex swing is only for you to have raw, wild and delicious sex – just the idea of ​​seeing the partner in the swing is enough to get most in the mood. The sex swing lets you focus on what’s most important – each other’s pleasure. Maybe that was exactly what you needed?

  1. Exciting foreplay

Don’t forget the delicious flirting! The sex swing is not just made for acrobatic sex and imaginative positions, lying comfortably while the partner is enjoying every inch of your body is the perfect start to a steaming hot experience. Give each other delectable oral sex, make the prelude to a small show – the sex swing surely arouses the appetites of anyone.

  1. With experience you get new ideas

The sex swing not only makes the traditional positions extra exciting, but also makes you discover that the possibilities are almost endless. Challenge yourself with thrilling bondage games and let your partner take control. Give yourself orgasms on your own, the same feeling of weightless enjoyment is just as wonderful with a vibrator or dildo! Discover brand new ways to have sex and maybe you learn something new about yourself too.

Kinds Of Sex Swings


If you want full freedom, a rotating sex swing is the absolute best, it lets you spin in addition to swinging back and forth.

There are several different types of sex swings, but common to them all is that they allow for varied and exciting sex. If you want full freedom, a rotating sex swing is the absolute best, it lets you spin in addition to swinging back and forth. Then you stand freer to where in the room you can have the memory, and you can try even more positions. If you do not have the opportunity to attach the memory to the ceiling, you can choose a sex swing that is attached over the door, it is super simple to hang up and is ready in seconds. Just make sure that the door can withstand the load from the swing.

How To Install A Sex Swing

Setting up a sex swing may seem complicated, but it’s actually very easy! All you need is something solid to attach your memory, such as a roof beam. If you have a concrete roof, you can use your own concrete screws where you want the memory. If it is not possible to attach anything to the ceiling, there are stands for sex shacks that can be placed exactly anywhere you want. There are also sex hooks that are placed over the door for even easier installation. If you have sex swings attached to the ceiling it is easy to take it off the hook and pack it down when you are not using it – so you don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing it.

Do you think it seems exciting with a sex swing? Weightless sex is just as amazing no matter if you are single and want more varied sex, or you are a couple who will try new and exciting positions together.

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